Getting the whole shot of a car

at a car show is at times impossible due to the lineup of the show.  Sometimes the cars are so close together that all you can hope for is to capture the amazing mascot that graces the hood.  Other times the car stands alone but so many people surround it that the noise of the background distracts from the form of the car. Then there’s the sun sending sparks of light off the chromed bullet front grille or the bright yellow custom colored paint job reflecting itself in the mirrored image of the black glossy body of the roadster hoping to be photographed. There are times when the reflections enhance the car photo with palm treed shadows drifting across the modified Caddy’s sloped roof or the reflection of metalwork bouncing from car to car giving a different tone to the paint finish. There are times when catching the photo is almost impossible especially when the car show is inside and the lighting is so over-powering that the glare just leaps into the camera blinding the cars true image. So this is for the light, the shadows, the image the car reflects when the camera takes the shot.

Taking the Wheel-car-tografi


started out as photographs taken at car shows around California. At first the lens just captured the car but after a time it stated to notice bits and pieces that made the car something special. Sometimes it was dice hanging on the rear view mirror or the paint finish weathered by the wind.

It took time and a lot of car shows before the idea for the car-tografi series took shape. The photos started out as a vehicle for the '65 web site so other car show enthusiast could view photos taken from the car shows. Then one day, there it was, pinstripes, stacked in a neat little folder. Soon the photographs began to tell a story of flames, rusted metal parts, beautiful engraved inlays, engines with whimsical parts and mascots from greyhounds to flying ladies.

It has been a long journey, sorting photos into groups to give definition to this storyline. The goal with each book is to highlight the look of a car show broken down by the parts. From grilles with teeth to grilles with a bent out rusted framework. Satin to matte black finishes. Winged tails and signatures that define the ride. Every book once finished will give a look at a history through the lens of a car show. From a'65 Falcon Ranchero emblem to the iconic dice hanging on the rear view mirror. Enjoy!

Book Series (In Work)


laying down the line

The first in a series of books-laying down the line, showcases the liners. History puts the first liners as artist for the wagons and carriages of the 1860s. It wasn't until the 1950's that the liners took to the ride, laying down the line on their hot rods with a hand-crafted brush made from squirrels hair dipped in a little bit of paint. This technique has evolved with the addition of rollers, and air brush pens but it is still the liner the captures the artist feel with the free-form design.

California Pinstripers

65bbq list a few of the pinstipers we have worked with.

A few of the lines showcase

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