All about the parts, a photographic journal of a car show


This is for the car collectors, car aficionados, car lovers. It is for all the vintage rides, trucks, bikes and trailers in all stages of perfection. car-tografi is for the refined classic, perfect paint job, original parts. It is for the pinstripers, hood mascots, artistic displays and the rusty finish. This is the Jordon, Nash, Packard, Chevrolet. It is the Buick, Studebaker, Lincoln and Dodge. The Griffin, Cadillac, Pontiac, Fords that take to the street, line the grassy knolls, driveways and fairgrounds on hot summer afternoons. This is car-tografi a photographic journal of a car show.                           

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The Car Show

The line up

They get up early,

taking to the road to showoff their rides, engines revved-up waiting for a turn to move into the allotted space, the neighborhood park or empty parking lot. They pull out their tools of the car show trade-soft white cloths, fine bristle brushes, special cleaners to begin the process of getting the car ready for the car show. Like a dance they have done before, the car gleams in the morning sunlight.

They stand in line

greeting old friends and car club members. Collect their bags full of car show treats, car show advertisements and this years tee shirt. Some shows serve breakfast, have raffles or toy drives. Others line the city streets so vendors can enjoy the car show. No matter the theme, all Fords, mopars, cruisin' classics, the true homage is to the ride. Pinstriped, dropped, chopped, cropped, paneled, showcasing history.  The car show.

Catch one if you can.

The '65


This is how it started

Always in the back drop was the want for a '65 Ford Ranchero. The color from memory was black with bucket seats. So on a Sunday morning at the Pomona Swap Meet there it was, A clean blue '65 with a for sale sign attached to the front window. The perfect ride. 

The glove box held the original manual with the sell date of 1965 New Years Eve,  Herb Gold Ford, Santa Paula, California, written on the inside. With patience and a lot of wrongs the process of renovating the car back to a great daily driver began.  When the Blue Q was discovered in Bakersfield, California everything changed.

The Ranchero & the Blue Q


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Book Cover Photo

Book Cover Photo