car-tografi:Hood Mascot Pontiac Indian

Brightwork,   Hood Ornaments   Mascots 

The Pontiac Indian held the reign for General Motors Pontiac from 1926-1955. At least 40 different Mascots formed the storyline. These headdress iconic riders were created with chrome plating & Lucite finishes, embellished with color painted trim-line and engraved details. In the 50’s the Mascot was streamlined with jet wings flying on the hood with Lucite elements.  Some of the Lucite Mascots lit up the roadways in glorious illuminated light when the head-lights were on. Named after Chief Pontiac of the Ottawa tribe this striking symbol is hard to find at car shows. With the classic profile, the Pontiac Chief shows the wear and tear facing the wind in all its striking glory. car-tografi loves the Pontiac; it gives definition to the Hood Mascots history. From the distressed crackle, the flecked aged finish this fierce fighter takes to the road, head up, facing all the challenges time and history has to offer.

 Leading the way, The Pontiac Mascot

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