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Welcome to car-tografi. 

Getting the whole shot of a car at a car show is at times impossible due to the lineup of the show.  Sometimes the cars are so close together that all you can hope for is to capture the amazing mascot that graces the hood.  Other times the car stands alone but so many people surround it that the noise of the background distracts from the form of the car. Then there’s the sun sending sparks of light off the chromed bullet front grille or the bright yellow custom colored paint job reflecting itself in the mirrored image of the black gloss body of the roadster hoping to be photographed. There are times when the reflections enhance the car photo with palm treed shadows drifting across the modified ’45 Caddy’s sloped roof or the reflection of metalwork bouncing from car to car giving a different tone to the paint finish. There are times when catching the photo is almost impossible especially when the car show is inside and the lighting is so over-powering that the glare just leaps into the camera blinding the cars true image.

The first photographic experience of a car show was mesmerizing.  It was at The Pomona Swap Meet, based at the fairgrounds in a California parking lot. First this is not a car show. It is an experience. This is not a show for the custom rod that is trailer-ed into the car show. This is a show for the daily driver. On one side, the swap meet, broken down into vendor slots where you can wonder endlessly for just about any kind of part, for any kind of vehicle.  The other side of the parking lot is a well categorized grouping of cars for sale, cars for viewing and cars for parts.  There are cars, parts and people everywhere. It starts early in the AM which is great for the camera lens.  The best part of the Pomona Swap Meet is the choices. Custom lowrides, vintage classics and hydraulic bouncing bodies stacked up against each other reflecting colors, music and rust. Cars are modified, chopped and streamlined.  Parts are scattered on the black top pavement in all stages of perfection. Vendors showcase car parts as well as swap meet memorabilia. This is the show that started car-tografi by showcasing the whole and the parts into one amazing car show by breaking down the beauty of a car.  This is for the car lovers, car aficionados, car photographers. This is car-tografi a photographic journal of a CarShow.

Next Pomona Swap Meet-August 11, 2013